Two of My Favorite Tutorials – To Infinity and Beyond!

Infinity scarves are so hip right now. Whether you sew or not, you have to make one of these scarves for fall.

Sweet Amy from H is for Handmade demonstrates (with very little sewing) how to make an adorable Lumberjack Inspired Infinity Scarf.

Alex from CAF* shows you how to make a No-Sew Recycled T-shirt Infinity Scarf

Do you have a favorite infinity scarf tutorial, what did I miss? Let me know in the comments.

*Have you seen this blog? Go now, thank me later.


  1. {natalie} :
    i have used amy's tutorial lots of times. she is awesome. ill have to check out the t-shirt one.
  2. aubry. :
    can we do this... maybe while watching a finale????!!!
  3. margaretedith :
    Dude, I need a tutorial on how to *put on* an infinity scarf! I never manage to achieve that look of insouciant coolness.
  4. Amy :
    Thanks for the great shout out, Susan! My stat couter is going bananas! How wonderful to have your fans stop on over to my blog and take a peek! You are too cool and too kind!
  5. emma :
    I'm adding some of these and crocheted ones to my shop today!! awesomesauce LOVE them!
  6. {jane} :
    infinity scares is where it's at! love them!
  7. Lynne :
    I saw a pic on Pinterest of how to alter jean at the waist. I can't find the actual instructions on your site. can you please help me out with this? thank you.

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