Caravan Shoppe Kickstarter


Our friends over at Caravan Shoppe have met their Kickstarter goals, but it’s not too late to pledge so you can get some of the amazing goods they’ll be offering! I can just see my kids playing with these blocks…putting the pret ciptomonede legs coming out of the heads and cracking themselves up. Good, creative toys by good, creative people.


While browsing, I also found this project, which is cracking me up!


Three Great Sunglasses Styles for the Busy Mom

corporate guest post

Between all the dinner recipes brainstorming and the running around the house to find the car keys in the morning, there’s little time to think about ourselves. However, some things are simply essential and that includes sunglasses. While supervising the little ones on the playground, we often forget that we’re exposing our eyes to UV rays just like they do (click here for some great sunglasses for this summer.) So, while we cover the kids in sunscreen, why not throw a pair of sunglasses in the diaper bag? And here are some of the best sunglasses styles that a busy mom could hope for:

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 12.29.14 AM1. Folding sunglasses. These work perfectly, because they take so little space! Bending at the nose bridge and the arms, you can easily fold them into any bag you may own, and even into your cardigan’s pocket! So if it’s space you were complaining about, there’s no excuse now, is there? Some models to consider atre Ray Ban 4105 with their classic, yet feminine, shape, and the Dolce&Gabbana 2106, gorgeous aviators. Be sure to read more great eye wear fashion tips at the GlassesOnWeb EyeBlog.

2. Oversized sunglasses. These are perfect to cover your lack of make-up, eye bags and any other sign of Husa telefon sleepless night. Plus you get that Old Hollywood look that we all aspire to. Pick black or havana if you want a classic look and lots of versatility.  Both the Burberry 4125, in a stylish cat eye shape, and Banana Republic Ghia, trading cryptocurrency which are oval are ideal.

3. Colorful sunglasses. If you’re bored of your all-gray outfits, opt for a pop of color! Have fun while you protect your eyes, and wear your sunglasses like a fashionable accessory. If there’s a color you like – say, yellow – but don’t dare wearing on a piece of clothing, sunglasses make a great canvas. Recommended picks are Marc Jacobs 384 in red and curs valutar the Juicy Couture Honey Bunny in purple.

Daria P. contributes for both and while maintaining her popular fashion blog Kittenhood.


Stories of the Start:

Freshly Picked is about sweet baby feet, but more importantly, it’s about celebrating clinica kinetoterapie mamas and babies. Every week we will feature a birth story, a tale of the start of a mother and her child. We want this to be a resource for moms and future moms and a place for sharing and inspiring. Women become mothers in a million different ways. Here are their stories.


Many thanks to Joan for sharing her story!

It’s a love story.  It’s a story between a husband, a wife and their perfect daughter.  It’s ours.

Friday, March 8th:

It was my last day of work before maternity leave.  I had finished mulch colorat training my replacement and completed some last minute projects before heading home at 6pm.  I had been having light contractions all week, and they were getting more intense as Friday went on.  I started getting my hopes up that maybe labor would be starting soon. Continue reading

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