This week, we are filling orders + getting ready for spring shows.
Although working in assembly line can be a little tedious, I love making pretty piles + organizing my supplies.


  1. banananutmeg :
    I had that exact same floor in my bathroom, and finally tore it up and replaced it with tile 3 years ago. And now, quatrefoil prints are everywhere. If only I'd waited a little longer ;)
  2. rubi :
    we're working on launching a menswear line of our own and we feel like we have a little sweatshop in our apt too. even though we haven't had much sleep it's really exciting!
  3. Eva / Sycamore Street Press :
    Ha ha. I know how you feel. But your photos and this post reminded me of the childrens' story of the shoe making elves. Do you know the one I mean?

    Love your ombre bags, btw.
  4. Melissa :
    Love the production process .I feel more inspired. gotta get off the computer and get busy myself...
  5. Sarah@AlpinePoppy :
    Thumbs up
  6. chattykathy :
    nice set up!
    I have two (more) nephews coming into the world this Spring. I just LOVE your mocs for babes! What size/age do you suggest?
  7. Elizabeth {e tells tales} :
    Look at the little soles! If someone doesn't get me a pair off my registry, Imma be pissed.
  8. rebecca :
    yes!! I love bulk quantities of things! your piles look fantastic :)


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