Shoe size chart

Here is our snazzy new shoe size chart.  All you have to do is, download the document HERE, then print it out and have your child stand on it to get their correct size.



  1. Alison :
    As a proud owner of many pairs of moccs, I'd like to add that even if the shoes are a little big to start, they WILL stay on your child's foot. The elastic around the top help keeps the shoe on. And when the shoes start to get a little small the leather will naturally stretch. My little girl wore her size 3's for 6 months! No this is not a paid advertisement, I just love the shoes that much. xo
  2. Katrina :
    Hi Susan! This chart is great, I printed it and had my baby stand on it it measure. I emailed you last week asking if I should follow this chart or the size descriptions. I haven't heard back, but am figuring I should follow this NEW size chart and order the size 4 at the 5" I need. Looking forward to our first pair of Freshly's! :)

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