Share the love – Temporary Tattoos

I’m pretty excited to be part of Alison’s Share the Love series. Have you been following along with all of the tutorials? They are awesome.

For my tutorial, which I’m sharing today over on  Alison‘s blog with the help of Melanie, I’m showing how to make temporary Valentine tattoos. It’s really easy, all you need is temporary tattoo paper, I purchased the Quickutz Silhouette – Printable Temporary Tattoo Paper. Which says that you need a silhouette, but you totally don’t.

You’ll also need to head on over to Fifth and Hazel and download these amazing tattoos.

Head on over to check it out!


  1. Heather :
    Melts my heart! And those tatts- lasted DAYS without even a sign of coming off! Darling!
    • Susan :
      Totally! Hattie's is still on.
  2. Miranda :
    So I just realized that I haven't been getting your posts in my reader for the last month. What? Not cool. But you know what is cool? These tattoos. My daughter and I are totally going to make sleeves with them. Thanks for sharing them!
    • Susan :
      miranda, i know! i need to find a way to populate a 'we've moved' post over there. i'd love to see the tattoo pics.
  3. Andrea :
    Hi! I just got your "we've moved" post and when I went to switch over, I found that when I click your rss button, it just refreshes your page but does not send me to google reader to add you. Is this just a problem with my device or have others experienced this?
    • Susan :
      thanks for the heads up, we've fixed it!
  4. merrilee :
    ok but these seriously rock my world. way to go Susan and Melanie! xo mer
  5. Brandi :
    So cute!
  6. Camilla :
    um....these are SO cute. my goodness, i've got to make some of these!
  7. ashley mae :
    Um hi! Glad you posted about your beautiful new website, I have been wondering why I haven't seen you for awhile on my feed. congrats on doing awesome things!
    • Susan :
      thank you ashley!
  8. Whitney :
    Oh my gosh, these are so fantastic!! Love them.
  9. trouble :
    Tattoos are so cute. ^ ^
  10. Jennica Jo Photography :
    I love these!!!! I'm wondering if there is any other type of paper I can use besides temporary tattoo paper? Would wax or parchment paper work? Thanks so much! :)
    • Susan :
      Jennica, I don't know! Let me know if you find an alternative though.
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  13. Kids Tattoos :
    As I`m a big fan of temporary tattoos i`m always pleased to see others who blog on the subject and i especially love these temporary valentines tattoos, very unique also and have never seen them before.

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