#ourtopsecret project revealed

Tomorrow is the big day, it’s the day that we release #ourtopsecretproject. What is this top secret project business? About 6 months ago, Alison, Matt and I started cooking up an idea for a digital holiday book. Then we spent every day for the next 6 months working on that book and guess what, guys? We wrote a book – Alison, Matt and I wrote a holiday gift book, A Hip Handmade Holiday, and tomorrow it goes on sale. (Deep breath)

We have Gifts for Ladies


Gifts for Gents

Gifts for Four Legged Friends

Gifts for the Home

Gifts to Treasure

And Gifts in a Hurry

We also have over 100 printable stickers, gift tags and pdfs so you can personalize each gift and really make it your own.

This book is for everyone, from the aspirational crafter to the crafter that geeks out on instructions and tools. We really want you to be successful at making each project, so we’ve filled our book with pro tips, shortcuts for quicker crafting and we even have 9 instructional videos.

We’ve put our whole hearts and souls into every craft and each page of this book and let me tell you, I am so damn proud of this book. I can not wait for each of you guys to make gifts for your family and friends and you can because the book is only $10, that’s right, for the price of six 32 oz Diet Dr. Peppers, this book can be yours. And trust me you’ll want it.

Purchase it right here on the The Craft Pack website at midnight (PST) tonight! I love you all.


  1. Emma Ball :
    So excited! AND so proud of you! Yay! Great job! Cheers friend!
  2. Olivia :
    So fantastic! Love the video. Love the concept. Love the whole darn thing! Can't wait to get it!
  3. ashmae :
    Awesome you guys! excited to see the whole thing. way to go!
  4. Katie :
    I love this! All of these crafts look so cute. How exciting!
  5. Nicole_ bold goods :
    I bought mine! How about a blog hop of projects?! Great job, by the way! xo
  6. cassaundra :
    wow! everything looks so amazing. hoping i can get my hands on a copy. congratulations!
  7. Sarah :
    You should be proud!! It is amazing, I just spent over an hour going through this amazing creation with my daughter, we can't decide which to make first! Seriously, well done!
  8. bridget :
    I just got chills!

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