Ombre Tutorial

I was on Studio 5 today talking ombre + my ombre technique. So, go whip yourself up a set of naps + get your ombre on.

Supplies Needed:
Something to ombere
Pins and a ruler

Gather your supplies

Start by getting your bag wet. You will want to drench it and then squeeze out all of the water.

Lay it flat and mark your ombre points. I usually go about 3 inches apart.

Make your dye bath.

Beginning with your first set of pins, leave your bag in the water for 30 seconds.

Pull out to the next set of pins, leave this section in for a minute, then just double your time for each section.

Rinse until the water runs clear.

Allow your bag to air dry fully and then heat set the bag by throwing it in the dryer for about a half hour. After you have heat set your bag, feel free to wash it in the washer, your dye will not run.


  1. Alison :
    looking super duper fly! LOVE IT xo
  2. moxiemandie :
    you are too cute girl!
  3. Sarah@AlpinePoppy :
    Can I do this to some place mats? I am really feeling like I need to, but I am a crafting nincompoop, seriously.
  4. Jordan :
    You are so cute on t.v.!! Plus, you sound really knowledgeable.
  5. Melanie Burk :
    look at you on tv. so funny and classy :)
  6. Russ May :
    I'm proud of you Susan but I thought an hombre was a bad cowboy dude!
  7. Time Traveller :
    I love the result! Thanks for sharing!
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