My Life

Hi and welcome to my new blog and space. This section, my life, is where I hope to share more personal stories. I’ll be updating sporadically and will most likely alert you through the main blog that I’ve updated here. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. jen :
    loving the new design + you're a beauty. xo
    • admin :
      love you jen!
  2. Sarah :
    you are so super fab! i am one hundred percent serious.
    • Susan :
      thank you sarah dear!
  3. ouija board :
    My baby sister is tatted up! She has a sleeve of temporary tattoos right now
  4. JennH :
    havent been by in a while. Love the new look. Congrats on the today show mouse pads! I knew you would be famous someday! dont forget the little people! xoxo
    • Susan :
      thanks jen! miss you guys.
  5. amanda james :
    Hey susan...this is cubby's wife amanda. Thank you so so much for the cutest little shoes a boy could ask for. I put them on him, and they never came off. They are the best little baby shoes ever!!! I went on your site, and have a little crush on you. You go girl. Sometime I would like to meet your pretty little face. Cub said you come in all the time. Thanks again!
  6. Esther :
    Really cute mocs! I'm curious what inspires you? Are you drawn towards Native American culture? Are you Native American?

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