mini caramel apples

Late last night, I got together with some friends to make mini caramel apples. They turned out so cute and are so easy to make! If you’ve ever had an unsuccessful caramel apple experience – I’ve had many, then you should give these a try.

The trick is the melon baller. Just core out some of the apple and then you have little manageable pieces to work with.

Put a stick in the little piece of apple and then dip and sprinkle until you’re heart is content.

My favorite were these apple pie version. Just like Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, except with none of the guilt.


  1. Nicole :
    Maybe this is an obvious question, but are they dipped in caramel? It doesn't look like caramel...
    • Susan :
      Nicole, We did! Some of them. The white ones are white chocolate though.
  2. elizabeth antonia :
    i was just craving caramel apples (37 weeks pregnant) and thought about what a mess i've made in the past. these look perfect! i'm going to try this week. and i love love love your line of moccasins! elizabeth x
    • Susan :
      thank you, elizabeth! i hope that the rest of your pregnancy is smooth sailing.
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  4. SimplyLisaLisa :
    This is such a neat idea! I will definitely give this a try. Thanks for sharing!

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