Martha Crafts: How to Finger Knit

I’ve partnered with Martha Stewart Crafts this year to post a project once a month, they’ve sent me the supplies and I get to share the project with you guys exciting, right? This month, I’m sharing how to finger knit. I’ve done this project with Hattie to show you guys, if a 6 year old can do it, you can too! Click through for the full tutorial!

Start with little fingers, yarn and scissors.

Hold the end of the yarn with your thumb to keep it in place.

Begin by weaving in and out of your fingers.

Then double back.


You’ll have two rows of yarn on each finger.

Pull the bottom row over the top row and over your finger.

Like so.

Repeat the steps until you have a nice long finger knit tube!

Happy crafting.



  1. Jessica :
    Looks like a lot of fun! I need to show my 2nd grade class this!
  2. Brooke :
    I love the idea of this! What's the end result? I'd love to teach this, but I'd like to know more about what students could finger-knit things into - scarves, tiny doll socks, etc. :) Thanks!
    • freshlypicked :
      Brooke...the thicker the yarn, the neater it looks. if you use thicker yarn it looks more like normal knitting...but in a string. so they could make thin scarves (or braid three together to make thicker scarves) or doll scarves. it also looks really cute as garland.
  3. Brooke :
    Thank you!
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