Making Leggings

I showed Hattie these sweet gold leggings about 2 weeks ago and she has been obsessing over them ever since. My first try at making the leggings didn’t go so well, (and if my laptop charger had gotten here like the ebay seller said it would, then I could show you pics of my first try and we could deconstruct the construction together) my second try is right on point. I’ll post pics of my two attempts next week.

When I was looking for a cohesive tutorial online, I found these two sweet tutorials on youtube.  How awesome is the music?  I didn’t use these tutorials, but I do love the simplicity of them.


  1. Jenn H :
    I can't believe how easy this looks! Although I have to say, having legs like the ones in the video must help. I probably won't be breaking out the stretchy material too soon for me, but my daughter would love a pair!
  2. Ainsley :
    wow. she made that look sooooo easy! unfortunately, I still doubt I could make a pair successfully.
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