Instagram Mashup

Do you Instagram? I love it! Also, I’ve noticed that the users I follow sometimes take pictures that remind me of a different picture from another user, so fascinating! Do you find that in your feed? Each Friday I round up my favorite pairs in an Instagram Mashup. Follow me on Instagram @suezpetersen
Have a happy weekend!


  1. {natalie} :
    you follow a lot of cool feeds. i always love seeing what you match up. thanks for including me. have a great weekend.

    ps thanks for the email about lowes, i will check it out.
  2. Marie {Make and Takes} :
    LOVE this mashup. Such a fun idea. Thanks for including me :)
  3. Rhonda :
    I love this! It's really a great idea...and once I get the beloved iPhone my goal is to make it on your mashup!
  4. elsa bags :
    Haha love these mash ups! Keep em coming
  5. Kirsten @ Triple Max Tons :
    I'm still devastated to have lost Instagram after switching from iPhone to Android....tear!
  6. Petit Elefant :
    You're the! Thank you for including me you hot hussy!
  7. Katrina {} :
    Was super excited to be included! Even blogged about the little mention. :) My favorite mash this week was the two black hat wearing boys, cute!

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