How to Make a Leather Packaging Bow

So, I know everyone was wondering (myself included) what to do with those leather confetti curlers from last week, well how about using them for really pretty present wrapping with these leather packaging bows.

These are really easy to make, but like with everything made from veggie tan leather, you just need a little waiting time for things to dry.

Supplies Needed:
veggie tan leather, I used the 2-3 oz variety
rubber cement
waxed linen thread (not pictured)
needle (not pictured)
leather hole punches

Lets get started!

Start with your pieces, feel free to play around with length and width. I used 3/4 inch strips cut into;
(1) 11 inch piece
(2) 10 inch pieces
(2) 9 inch pieces
(1) 8 inch piece
(1) 3.5 inch piece

Next get your leather wet.


Then shape your leather strips into figure 8′s.

Hold the 8 closed with a clothes pin. Loop the little strip into a loop, hold that closed as well.

After the strips have dried, use rubber cement to glue the 8′s in place. Reattach the clothes pin and allow the glue to dry fully.

When the glue is dry, take off all of the clothes pins and then put a dab of glue in the center of each piece.

Start arranging your bow by stacking the figure 8′s on top of each other biggest to smallest.

Allow to dry.

Take your hole punch and punch as near the center as possible, but just outside. Go through as many layers as you can on either side of the middle.

Punch two holes in your circle piece.

Grab your needle and thread. Begin on the bottom of one of the sides, pulling the thread up to the middle.

Loop in through the circle piece and back down through the other holes coming out the back.

Tie in a knot.

Ready to attach.



  1. mer :
    hands down the coolest leather scrap DIY yet!!
  2. House of Smiths :
    La,la,la LOVE! You're amazing. Good thing you're already my friend.
  3. elsa bags :
    These are adorable! Time to start making leather hair clips!
    Good to see you tonight.
  4. Dana :
    Ooooo! Very cool.
  5. Elf :
    Very cool!!
    christian louboutin clearance
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  8. Mama Cleo :
    so beautiful..!!!! nice idea for my baby's hair band accessories:)
    • Susan :
      omg, that would be so cute!
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