Hair Extensions Salt Lake City

I’ve always wanted long luscious locks, but instead I’ve been blessed with thin hair. Last week I got extensions + I’m honestly not sure how I’ve lived with out them. They are thick, easy to do + (i think) they look great. Also they lay flat, there aren’t any nobbies sticking out to worry about when I brush.

Additionally, can we get something out of the way? I know, I know my smize needs some serious help.

Mindy Petersen
Studio 115 at Brickyard Plaza
3300 S 1300 E, Salt Lake City
801-466 4042


  1. kyla :
    Holy snikeys batman! Those look fabulous and so real!!
  2. Katie :
    your hair looks GREAT!
  3. Newburgh Restoration :
    wow, it looks really natural!
  4. Elaine :
    LOVE IT! Hottie.
  5. julieb :
    oh I LOVE IT!
    It makes me miss my long hair!
  6. leigh :
    wow! they look great! i have thin hair too - maybe i should try it out . . .

    also - i can't see the words in light colors on your blog very well. the light grey link and the lime color. i know everyone's computer screens are different - so maybe most people can see them. just wanted to let you know.
  7. Jordan :
    Those look awesome. If I ran into you somewhere I would've never known you had extensions, except you just told me.
  8. Azúcar :
    They look so great!
  9. {lizzythebotanist} :
    you look fab. i have been thinking about getting extensions lately-something about turning 30 scared all my hair away. it's dull, flat, and i'm over my bangs. i probably won't do it, but it's fun to dream about. yours look great!
  10. Lisa :
    Great job Mindy! Your hair looks beautiful, Susan! What a fun change!
  11. Rachael :
    Now you can make purses and adult films! Looks amazing. Color me jealous. Come home and visit already
  12. Sarita :
    Awesometown. My locks are thin as well (a little less so while pregnant) and now that my little one is going on 5 months, it's stringy-ville once again. Sad day.

    They look great.
  13. Rach :
    you look awesome! so totally natural. slightly jealous.
  14. {natalie} :
    you hair looks awesome and i love the stripes and green wall.
  15. Libby :
    You win. Really, the hairs look great!
  16. Amy :
    So, I'm going to win as the better friend in this relationship for leaving two REAL comments in one evening. Rach told me about her quippy comment about you making purses and adult films now and I find myself laughing about it randomly. Like right now, as I was finishing the dinner dishes I thought about it and started laughing and then thought, what the hell, I'll go comment.

  17. elsabags :
    Whowza! I need me some of those!
  18. Min :
    I'm inspired. I already called my stylist. Now I just have to convince my husband.
  19. [Lovely by M] Michelle :
    Okay, I think we were born with the same hair. I should really think about extensions. How much did they run you if you don't mind me asking...and do they ruin your hair when you take them out?
  20. Susan :
    email me + i'll give you all the deets.
  21. Pamela :
    Looks awesome! When your hair was back today I didn't notice. bloggers meetup!) I have always wanted to do thin, thin hair could use a major boost! (

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