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#ourtopsecret project revealed

Tomorrow is the big day, it’s the day that we release #ourtopsecretproject. What is this top secret project business? About 6 months ago, Alison, Matt and I started cooking up an idea for a digital holiday book. Then we spent every day for the next 6 months working on that … read more

Instagram Mash-up From The Alison Show

@collectedblog, @yanpalmer @chrisihammer, @katiewiddison @david_ornegri, @onemorejuju @danamadeit, @ellerowley @sarahjanelarsen, @heather_rita @megwward, @westoncolton Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be featuring an Instagram Mash-up from some of my favorite grammers. This weeks mash-up is brought to us by Alison of The Alison Show. Alison’s blog is full of informative tutorials … read more

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