Today was Hattie’s preschool Valentines Day class party. How sweet is this dress that she picked out for the occasion? I like this choice actually better than the heart skirt because the heart skirt screams Valentines and this dress is more subtle. Wayyy better to be the subtle girl in the class than the attention grabber right? Really though, I wouldn’t know cuz’ there is nothing subtle about me.

Vintage Dress: from here
Shoes: thrifted


  1. Amy :
    I can't stop laughing. I love you and your unsubtleness. It's the best.
  2. Zona Bosted :
    I wasn't going to say anything about you not being subtle....But, since you mention it.
  3. Bridget :
    this is sooooo cute.
  4. Journeying Five :
    the dress is definately subtle, but the boots! there has got to be a little bit of attitude there!
  5. dining table :
    I like the simplicity of the dress. The prints are so cute and the colors are not really loud.
  6. matmi :
    the boots are perfect with the dress!
  7. Bird R. :
    Adorable. Love the shoes!
  8. Sabrina Taylor :
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