I have a super awesome tutorial post coming, but I haven’t had time to work on it too much because the baby boy has RSV and an ear infection. We have mainly been snuggling all weekend and I have been answering his every demand.

Dear future wife of my son, I am so sorry initiating the ‘man version’ of illnesses in Gus. He is just so cute and helpless when he is sick, I can’t tell him no. So when he gets the ‘man version’ of a cold that you have had for a week and now he can’t seem to get out of bed or even get himself a drink of water, please know that I am sorry. Love your favorite person in the whole world, your mother in law.

Have you seen the blogger mashup that Victoria from sfgirlbybay is doing? I can’t wait until it starts, I love seeing what others are inspired by.

What the craziness is going on with lost? How did Syid come back to life? Now there are two John Lockes, but one is dead and one is the dark smoke monster? Can someone please explain it all to me, pretend you are explaining it to an eight year old.


  1. Betty Crocker Ass :
    Ug sorry about the RSV. Baby Zeke got it when he was 9 days old.

    Amelia-the three year old actually gets a man cold right along with her Papa, despite my attempts at trying to not baby her.
  2. Autumn :
    I'm confused about Lost, too! Trying to just go with it...wait for some new episodes. Love reading through your entries.
  3. Rachael :
    So sad about baby Gus! Hope he feels better soon. You guys need to come for a visit, Addy needs someone new to attack.
  4. Ashley Webb :
    I would love to explain Lost to you - if I had one single clue what is going on with it!!! :) I have watched every episode faithfully, and still I can't even tell you what the story is about! (My husband walked in at the end of the last episode and asked me what was going on. I asked if he had about 4 hours for me to explain. :) Hopefully there will be some answers - SOON!!
  5. leigh :
    Sick babies are so sad. But here is a little something funny for you to laugh at. Maybe you've already seen it - Man Cold (from man stroke woman):

  6. Amy :
    The Man Cold is hysterical. I do have to admit that I can be a pretty big whinner when I'm sick but it still drives me nuts when Jason's sick. I lack some serious compassion in that department.

    That's so sad about poor baby Gus. My kids are not so cuddly, so as sad as it is to say, I always slightly looked forward to having some serious cuddle time with sick babies, but my kids have never really gotten sick enough to want to be cuddled! Dang kids!

    I've been contemplating starting the Lost series, but I don't know if I could handle all the confusion. Should I start them, or stay away?
  7. jennee :
    I think the reason I like Lost is because I never know what's going on. I watch it in complete ignorance...sorry I can't help you :)
  8. Olivia Carter :
    I love LOST but I have no idea what's going on. I've heard theirs a Lost-pedia (of the Wiki variety) maybe check that out? I just go along for a ride!
  9. emily sparks :
    You should bring your little guy to San Diego to get some sunshine and warmer temps:). Also, I can't remember when I wasn't confused with lost! Let's not forget that there are currently 2 presents...which one is real?!?
  10. Zona Bosted :
    Hope Gus is feeling better. Give him an extra snuggle from his Auntie Nomi.
  11. erin :
    hahahah just love your explination of the man illness! my hubs gets that way and doesn't understand why it's so hard for me to be sympathetic of his cold....when i have had the same one for a week and not complained once! hahahah i think that I am slowly creating the same problem with me son though! Oh Momma's boy's....how we love to create them!
  12. paula :
    I just can't wait for tonight!
  13. paula :
    oh, and I hope your little one feels better soon.
  14. Andrea Lee :
    ok, i'm totally not smart so i wont take credit, but my friend explained to me about lost. I dont know how she put it all together, but here it is. There was a black guy sitting beside jacob on the beach a few centuries ago, do you remember that? the black guy is kinda like satan and jacob is kinda like christ. the black guy couldn't kill jacob so he somehow got into John Locks "second body" and told Ben to kill Jacob. Ben is confused and did it. John Lock (Black guy) is the smoke. Thats why the people in the temple paniced when they found out Jacob had died. Maybe you already knew this. I haven't watched this weeks episode. I'm still confused, but there ya go.
  15. Jill Ann :
    I freaking love LOST! I'm kind of obsessed. I'll host an online party in its honor and we can chat it up!
  16. Natacha Steven :
    I love reading your blog!

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