Five Fresh Picks: Adri Gamboa

fresh picks

Today’s picks are from Adri Gamboa, the queen of the handmade hoodie!

1>> The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel ::  This is played constantly around our house lately.

2>> Jamberry Nail Shields :: I’m sporting this style right now.

3>> Triangle Hair Pins :: Perfect for an easy hair day.

4>> Vertical Succulent Planter :: A fun family project, and good for morale because they’re hard to kill.

5>> I Love You to the Moon and Back Print  My favorite thing hanging in my boys’ room.

Freshly Picked Tips: Getting Natural Photos of Your Child

Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 2.01.32 PM

By Heather

 Sometimes kids can be really difficult to photograph. I’ve been taking pictures for quite some time now, both in the portrait setting and also a lot of my own kids (TONS). Over the many years I’ve been shooting, there are a few simple tips that have helped me get “the perfect shot”.

- Make sure the kids are having fun and are comfortable! If they have something that makes them happy, weather it be their favorite blankie or a silly pair of glasses (pictured), let them see it or play with it, and that’s when you’re going to get more natural results.

cole (1)

-If you’re in a very comfortable environment, like your home, just let your kids be themselves. Then sneak out your camera and get them interacting the way THEY want to. Then you’ll be able to capture and remember how they really were. Remember, they don’t always have to be looking at the camera in order to take a beautiful photo.

-Natural, indirect sunlight makes for beautiful photos. You’ll be shocked at what a roll lighting plays in a photo. Play around with the different ways your child is facing a window. It can give the photo a beautiful, soft, natural lighting that makes your photo picture perfect!


-Ask your child to tell their favorite joke. That gets them smiling naturally and usually gets me the cutest pictures. Sometimes I even ask them to spin and jump around until I say stop, and after they do there’s all smiles (without the cheese)!

Remember, taking pictures of your kids doesn’t have to be torture! Let it be fun and natural, and you’ll see the same in your photos.

Freshly Picked Friends: Koteli Bags


The day we got our Koteli bag in the mail was a GOOD DAY. I mean, a reusable bag that I can actually get folded back up into its little pouch? Sign me up.

This is seriously our go-to bag now. It has become our pool bag (it even fits the towels!), our diaper bag, it was our beach bag on a recent vacation, and we take it to the grocery store on its days off.

And they donate 10% of their online sales to the SEE-Turtles’ Billion Baby Turtles Campaign. Who doesn’t want to help baby turtles??

You can even use them as giftwrap.


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